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Thesis Fair

Welcome to the Student Projects and Events page of Information Sciences at the University of Amsterdam!

Here we help students and organisations to find each other, so that together they will make great graduation projects happen. As organisations offer their proposals for projects, students will be able to browse, discuss, and select projects of their choice. We host annual Thesis Fair events, where organisations can be present to meet student. Speeddating sessions are organised to match students with their favorite organisations and projects.

In previous years, the event resulted in many enthousiastic students and organisations. Organisations can be companies but also research institutes, government organisations. If you want to contribute a project proposal then contact the coordinator of one of the programmes.

This page is organised and hosted by the Graduate School of Informatics of the University of Amsterdam.

Contact information:

Master Artifical Intelligence   

Maarten van Someren

Master Software Engineering

Ana Oprescu

Master Information Studies; track Business Information Systems

Dick Heinhuis

Master Information Studies; track Data Science

Evangelos Kanoulas

Esther Smit

Master of Logic

Peter van Ormondt


Upcoming events

Thesis Fair 2017

For Master Artificial Intelligence (UvA+VU), Master Information Studies (UvA+VU), Master Information Studies – Data Science track (UvA+VU), Master of Logic, Master Software Engineering (UvA+VU) with thesis fair on 23 Nov 2017



Master Artificial Intelligence (UvA+VU)

Master Computational Science (UvA+VU)

Master Computer Science (UvA+VU)

Master Information Studies (UvA+VU)

Master Information Studies – Data Science track (UvA+VU)

Master of Logic

Master Software Engineering (UvA+VU)