In the 2022/2023 Academic Year we will have two events:

The AI Thesis Fair on Thursday, 6 October

General Thesis Fair on Thursday, 3 November

In case we need to cancel an event due to government regulations pertaining to COVID-19, we will either issue a full refund or partial refund.

A full refund will be given to all organisations if we cancel 14 days or more before the event. If we need to cancel less than 14 days before the event, then large companies and medium/large companies will receive 80% of their fees back. All others will receive a full refund.


If we do need to cancel, you and your colleagues will still have access to our students as well as their CVs. There will not be an online event nor meetings facilitated by us. Instead you will be able to access the students who voted for your projects on our platform – including their contact information, CV, and websites. They will, in turn, be able to access your contact information. 


You will then be able to organise meetings and interviews with students you wish to meet on your own time. We will no longer be involved at this point.

In order to log in please follow the following steps: 

  1. You will need to already have an account with us on DataNose. If you do not, please see the next FAQ question.
  2. You will then access the DataNose website at: 
  3. Select the tile ‘Login (external)’.  
  4. A pop-up panel will appear and ask for your login details (your login details will have remained the same as last year). 

To register as an organisation, please send us an email at thesisfair-IvI(at) We will then be able to add you as an organisation and will send you your sign-in details with a temporary password.

Once you sign in for the first time you can change the password to a personal and secure password. You can also go into your Organisation and add detailed information as well as add a project. You will need to fill in the necessary information, including website, description, phone number (if applicable), what types of students you are interested in, and so forth.

In order to change or update your organisation’s information, you will need to follow the below steps:

  • Please follow the link to DataNose website:
  • On your organisation page, you will find the option ‘Edit form’. This is situated on the right side of the screen. 
  • To edit your organisation information, click the ‘Edit form’ button. Here you will be able to:
    • Change/edit the organisation name
    • Change the description of the organisation in ‘About’
    • Add a new contact person

If you wish to reset your password, or cannot remember your password, please send us an email at thesisfair-IvI(at) with your full name and the email address that you used to log in to DataNose previously. An email will be sent to that email address from our DataNose team with instructions on how to reset your password.

  • Guide: How to upload a project proposal in DataNose

    Step-by-step guide:

    • Please login to DataNose using the ‘Login (external)’ option
    • Select the tile ‘Project organisations’*. Here you will find the name of the account(s) where you are a contact. Please select the account name and you will be directed to the account page.

    *Note: If you are not listed as a contact for your organisation’s account you will not have access to the tile listed above. Please either contact who is a contact to add you or please contact us and we will be able to add you. 

    *Note: if you organisation currently does not have a DataNose account please contact us and we will create an account for you. Please provide us with the following information:

    • Name of organisation 
    • Name and email address of contact(s)
    • Once you have landed on your organisation’s page please navigate to the ‘Projects’ tab. This is where you will be able to add a thesis project proposal.
    • To add a new project, choose ‘New row’.
    • Once you have clicked this button you will be asked to select which form you wish to complete. You will see the option to complete one of 2 forms:
    • AI Thesis project proposal  (for MSc AI students)
    • Thesis Project proposal  (for MSc IS, MSc CLS, MSc SE and MSc Logic)

    The form you have selected will appear (please note this can take some time, around 5-10secs to load). Here you will be able to enter the new project description and its corresponding information. 

    • You will now need to complete the form. Section 1.2-1.5 ask you for the project title, a description of the project, the work environment and your expectations.
    • Section 1.7 will ask you whether you wish to attend the Fair(s). Please select this option if you wish for the project to be available for students at the AI Thesis Fair and/or Thesis Fair. 
    • Section 1.10 (on the Thesis Project Proposal form ONLY) will ask you to specify which programme(s)  the project is destined for. 
    • You will need to enter a contact person per project under section 1.11. If the contact person is already in the system, you will be able to find them by entering their name or email in the top search bar of the pop-up panel. If the contact person does not have an account on DataNose yet, you will be able to create one by clicking the ‘Not in list’ button.
      • The pop-up will then ask you to enter the information of the other contact person. Make sure you enter the name, email and company name in this panel.
      • Click ‘OK’. The new contact person will then receive an email with a link to set a password.
    • Section 1.12 will ask you to select the number of students that your project can accommodate.  
    • Section 2 asks you to select ‘Research Tags’ that correspond to the topic(s)/research area of the project.  We introduced research tags that define the area of research of the project, these have been changed this academic year and were provided by the Research Group. These are a rough guide and if your project does not fit one of these tags or if you simply do not want to use the tags this is completely fine. The research tags are being used to help students understand the main areas of research of the project and also to help find a suitable supervisor.
      • Please choose a maximum of 3 tags. If you choose more than 3 tags it will not let you save the project.
    • Once you have completed the form, click the ‘Submit form’ button at the bottom of the page. 
      • If you need to step away from the form, for example in case you want to verify information, you can select the ‘save changes’ option. You will then be able to come back at a later time.  
    • You can repeat this process until you have added all your project proposals. If you have a suitable project for students from both MSc AI and one of the other programmes you will need to submit 1 of the forms and then copy it over to the other form. The process is as follows: complete one of the forms. Once you have submitted the first form please select the projects under the ‘projects’ tab and select the menu option ‘copy to new request’. You will then be able to select the other form (section 1.1) and resubmit the project for the other programme(s). 

An Open Project is when you wish to leave the topic free to be discussed between you and a student. Or you wish to see what a student would like to propose to you. This allows for some creativity. 

To upload one, follow the same instructions under “How do I upload a project proposal?” and then choose all Research Tags under Section 1.7. 

If it is an Open Project for a specific type of student, please title it “Open Project AI” or Open Project Software Engineering”; then choose the corresponding program in Section 1.8.

To add another contact person from your organisation, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Access your organisation page on DataNose. Here you will find the option ‘Edit form’. This is situated on the right side of the screen. 
  • Click the ‘Edit form’ button
  • Click on the green plus sign (please do not click on the name already present).
  • A pop-up will appear, choose ‘Not in list’. 
  • You will be able to enter the information of the new contact person. Please ensure to enter the full name, email and organisation name in this panel.
  • Please click ‘OK’ once you have filled in all the information. The new contact person will receive an email with a link to set a password. 

To attend one or both event(s), you will need to select the Fair option on the project proposal form (section 1.7). This will register the project for the Fair. Please do this for each project you wish to make available at the event. 

If you have selected this option for a project(s), you will receive an invoice for your attendance at the event(s).

Each Thesis Fair has a registration fee, if you wish to attend both the AI Thesis Fair in October and the Thesis Fair in November, you will need to pay a fee for both. If you  choose to attend only one of the fairs, then you only pay one registration fee. 

The fees for each Thesis Fair are tiered based upon the type of organisation. When you register, we will assign the applicable tier.

Please note that you cannot participate in the fair(s) without payment first

€200 (startups, SMEs, government organisations, and non-profits)

€600 (medium/large companies)

€1200 (large companies)

If you do not wish to attend the event and instead only  have your projects listed in the Project Marketplace, this is possible and it is free. Please note that these projects still need to be approved by the Thesis Coordinators in order to be listed.

The AI Thesis Fair takes place on Thursday, 6 October 2022. Registration is open.

The Thesis Fair takes place on Thursday, 3 November  2022. Registration for this event is now open.

  • Project proposals for the AI Thesis Fair are due on Wednesday, 24 August, 2022.
  • The registration fee is due on Wednesday, 7 September.
  • Students vote on the projects between 9 – 16 September.
  • You will need to respond to our request with the number of attending representatives by no later than Thursday, 22 September.
  • You will receive your personalised speeddate schedules, along with the students’ full names, no later than Thursday, 29 September. Once you have your schedules, you can look up the students on our platform, see their CVs, contact information, as well as their websites such as LinkedIn and Github in preparation for your speeddates.

The event’s format is changing this year. The fair will be composed of three parts: 

  • The first part of the Thesis Fair will be an open market fair with each organisation having their own stand and students freely walking around for an hour.
  • The second part of the fair is the speeddate meetings.  This year there will be 5 rounds of 15 minute speeddate meetings. A speed date schedule will be drawn up and sent to participating students and organisations a week before the event. During the event, organisations have the excellent opportunity to meet our students in 15-minute conversations and discuss thesis project details, opportunities and compensation. 
  • The event will finish with a borrel. This will allow you to continue or finish earlier conversations or meet with students who were unable to meet you during the first two parts. 


We hope this new format will allow you to meet more students and for more in-depth conversations with the students.

For a detailed description of the AI Thesis Fair and/or Thesis Fair project requirements, go to ‘Fairs’ on the main menu, hover over either ‘AI Thesis Fair’ or ‘Thesis Fair’, or ‘CV Exchange’ and select the ‘AI Project Requirements‘, and ‘Project Requirements‘.

Please take note of each MSc Program’s thesis requirements and create your project proposal accordingly. The projects are reviewed and approved by the individual program Thesis Coordinators. Any project that does not adhere to the project requirements will be rejected and you will be required to make any requested adjustments.

This depends upon the program the student is in, your capacity, and internship negotiations with the student. The student may have classes that they need to complete and therefore may not be able to start their internship full-time until their Thesis course officially starts. 

  • MSc AI students are available for 8 months starting in November 2022.  
  • MSc Information Studies (Data Science and Information Systems) are available for 6 months, depending upon their class schedules. Typically, they start part-time in January and then move to full time in April. Please discuss with the students directly.  
  • MSc Software Engineering are available for 3 – 6 months, depending upon their class schedules. Typically, they can start full time in April for 3 months. Some students may be able to start in January part-time. Please discuss with the students directly. 
  • MSc Logic. Students are typically available for 6 months, depending upon their class schedules. Usually, they can start full time in January for full-time for 6 months. 
  • MSc Computational Science students are available for 6 months.

The AI Thesis Fair is dedicated to students from the MSc Artificial Intelligence.

The Thesis Fair has students from the following programs participating:

This is possible and it does not cost money to simply have your projects listed on the Project Marketplace. 

You will still need an account and follow all of the steps in uploading a project. The only difference is that you leave Section 1.7 blank and NOT click on a Fair. Choosing a Fair in Section 1.7 automatically generates a payment request. 

Your uploaded projects will still need to adhere to the Project Requirements for each program and will be reviewed and approved by our Thesis Coordinators.

On the Thesis Marketplace page there is the option to change to the previous Academic Year. Once you apply that filter, on the top left, then you can review projects from previous years.