Informatics Institute (IvI)

Instituut voor Informatica (IvI)

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IvI performs curiosity-driven and use-inspired fundamental research in Computer Science. Our research involves complex information systems at large, with a focus on collaborative, data driven, computational and intelligent systems, all with a strong interactive component.

We prefer to select specific topics and pursue them from methods in informatics and engineering, rather than make a choice for fundamental versus engineering science. As part of our research mission, we maintain strategic multi-disciplinary research links inside and outside the University of Amsterdam.


We are in charge of the following programs:

BSc Informatica

BSc Informatiekunde

BSc Kunstmatige Intelligentie

MSc Information Studies – Data Science and Information Systems Tracks

MSc Artificial Intelligence

MSc Software Engineering

MSc Security and Network Engineering

MSc Computational Science

MSc Logic (in conjunction with the ILLC)

MSc Computer Science (hosted at Vrije Universiteit)

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