Thesis Fair Instructional Videos and Text

For Representatives

The event platform is brand new, developed specifically for our Thesis Fairs. Because of this, we have created instructional videos and accompanying text to help you understand how the platform works and what to do. Please watch each video and read the text before the event itself. These videos will also be on the platform so you can refresh your memory the day of. 

Online Platform Instructional Video

This video contains all videos in one, it acts as a long video that covers all topics.

Welcome Page

On the Welcome page you can:

Change your username from the login name to your First and Last Name under Personal Details.

Watch the instructional video and/or read the instructional text

View the students attending the AI Thesis Fair along with their CVs and link to their websites and or/ Github page

Look at photos from the event last years

Look at the flyers from our partners

Pre-Event Preparation

We recommend that you do all of the listed tasks above during the Pre-Event Prep, which starts at 10:00 and ends at 10:30 when the first speeddate takes place.

We also recommend that you:

  • Read the FAQs.
  • Check your Schedule.
  • Try the Private Chat Room. This chat room is a chatroom only for you and your colleagues in your organisation. Students and the Thesis Fair Team cannot see this. Please note that it is not a secure chat so refrain from saying confidential information. You can use this chatroom to discuss which students you and your colleagues will meet with or discuss other things.
  • Look at the Help Chat Function.
  • Look at the students’ CVs listed under the ‘Students’ tab. During the Pre-Event Preparation you have the chance to read the FAQs and contact the Thesis Fair Team on the Help Chat if you have questions, issues, or require clarification on how the platform works.
  • During this time please check your schedule, it can be found under the Schedule tab. This schedule is personalised and shows all of the students you will be meeting with in the rounds.


Between 10:30 – 14:20 there are 10 speeddate rounds scheduled lasting 10 minutes long. There is a transition period between each speeddate that lasts 10 minutes. Halfway through from 12:00-12:50 there is a lunch break.

It is possible that a student is unable to make it last minute due to illness or other reasons. If a student does not appear for their speeddate please give them 30-60 seconds before contacting the Thesis Fair Team.

  • During the speeddates:

-Pick up the student you wish to meet with, or randomly, from the Waiting Room

-Some students you will have identified beforehand that you wish to speak with. Students who voted for your projects will show which project they voted for under their name

-Once you pick up a student from the Waiting Room a meeting link will be sent to the student. A new tab will open for the video conference.

-There are two types of video conferencing software being used, this type is determined by your organisation before the event. There is either Microsoft Teams or our own internal peer-to-peer system

-If you enter into a Teams meeting and there is no one on the other end, please wait for the student to let you in as you may be in the Teams Lobby.

-Once your meeting is over, please end the meeting and click back into the event. You will then be in the Transition round.

-Transition rounds last 10 minutes, this will give you an opportunity to get a quick drink, use the bathroom, or finish your notes from the previous meeting. You can also use this time to review the details of the students you plan to meet next

-If a student does not show up for your scheduled speeddate please allow for 30-60 seconds to elapse before reaching out to the Help Chat.

-As always, if you have issues or questions please contact us on the Help Chat.

Help Chat and the Thesis Fair Team

Behind the scenes there is a team of people running the in person and online event. Yasmin Santis, Thesis Fair Manager, and Ciara Snijders, Thesis Fair Coordinator, are orchestrating the event with the help of our software developer who is responsible for the online platform, and event assistants who are providing you support on the Help Chat or in person at the StartUp Village.

The Thesis Fair Team is here to help you and communicate with you in three different functions:

  • Help Chat

-If you have any questions or issues please contact us immediately on the Help Chat tab. You can see that messages have been read when the tick marks turn blue

-Please check the FAQs section to see if your question is answered there

-Please note that the chat function in Microsoft Teams is not our Help Chat. We will be unable to see any of those conversations. If you need help during a speeddate, please click back into the event and contact us on the Help Chat

  • Broadcasts

-Announcements from the Thesis Fair team will be sent to all participants via Broadcasts. Online these will be pop-ups that appear in your upper right corner and in person these will be made over the speaker system.

  • Private Messages

-Someone from the Thesis Fair Team may reach out to you privately to ask you a question, i.e. if a student is waiting for a meeting with your organisation