MSc Computational Science 

When creating your project proposals, please ensure that they adhere to the MSc Computational Science thesis requirements below.


The thesis starts in November 2021 and lasts 6 months.


English. The internship may be done in Dutch but the project must be in English. Please specify this on the project description.


Every student will require a dedicated mentor at your organisation. Students require a (co)supervisor a staff member affiliated with the UvA.

UvA meetings

Students will be required to attend meetings with their UvA supervisor and other MSc thesis meetings.


The science must be interesting and novel. Our Thesis Coordinators will check the projects to ensure that the science is correct and new enough for a thesis.


The student will need time and space, for example, a desk, to be able to conduct their research. Due to COVID-19, other accommodations can be discussed if appropriate.


Compensation is not required. This can be discussed individually with the student.

Project type

The thesis is an individual project, therefore the project must accommodate this.