MSc Artificial Intelligence

When creating your project proposals, please ensure that they adhere to the MSc AI thesis requirements below.


The thesis project is 8 months long typically starting at the beginning of November and ends at the beginning of July. A rough expected timeline is as follows:

-1 month: developing and understanding

-4 months for developing method for developing

-2 months: finalising

-1 month: writing


-Machine learning

-Computer vision

-Natural language processing

-Reinforcement learning


Project Requirements

Thesis projects for the AI Master should focus on research. Hence the main project requirement is an interesting and novel research question the student can dive into.

What does a good project proposal look like?

A good proposal includes a solid and new research question, an interesting research problem, and relevant context (which includes motivation for the research question and optional references).

What does an MSc student from your programme look like?

An AI MSc student undertaking their thesis will be a 2nd year master’s student. The student has a solid foundation in machine learning theory and application, with specialities ranging from computer vision and natural language processing to reinforcement learning and traditional AI.


Successful examples:

1. Greedy InfoMax for Self-Supervised Representation Learning

2. Deep Learning Methods for Deconvolution in Radio Astronomy

3. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Coordination in Traffic Light Control


Compensation is not required. This can be discussed individually with the student

Scope of the project

A thesis manuscript should contain relevant analyses, methods, and experiments to support the research question.