Informatics Institute (IvI)

AI Project Proposal Requirements

When creating your project proposals, please ensure that they adhere to the MSc AI thesis requirements below.


The thesis starts at the beginning of November 2021 and lasts 8 months


English. The internship may be done in Dutch but the project must be in English. Please specify this on the project description


Every student will require a dedicated mentor at your organisation. Students require a (co)supervisor a staff member affiliated with the UvA

UvA meetings

Students will be required to attend meetings with their UvA supervisor and other MSc thesis meetings


The science must be interesting and novel. Our Thesis Coordinators will check the projects to ensure that the science is correct and new enough for a thesis 


The student will need time and space, for example, a desk, to be able to conduct their research. Due to COVID-19, other accommodations can be discussed if appropriate


Compensation is not required. This can be discussed individually with the student

Project type

The thesis is an individual project, therefore the project must accommodate this

Uploading an AI Project Proposal with AI Tags

This year we are asking that when you upload a project proposal that you select “AI tags”. These are the topic(s) and type of AI research the project falls under. It is important to correctly tag your individual projects.

Please select a maximum of 3 tags per project.

How to add a project with the AI tags in DataNose: 

1. Once you have successfully logged in to the DataNose website, select the tile ‘Project organisations’. Then select ‘Forms and workflows’. In ‘Forms and workflows’ you will find the name of
your company and contact person(s). Please select your company name and you will be directed to your company page.

2. Once you have landed on your company page, you will able add a thesis project proposal by choosing the tab ‘Projects’. You can find this tab between ‘Details org’ and ‘Events’.

3. To add a new project, choose ‘New row’ and select “AI Project Proposal” and then an online form will appear. Here you will able to enter the new project description and its corresponding information. Do not click “Other Project Proposal”, this is specifically for the general Thesis Fair.

4. You will need to enter a contact person per project.

– If the contact person is already in the system, you will be able to find them by entering their name or email in the top search bar of the pop-up panel.

– If the contact person does not have an account on DataNose yet, you will be able to create one by clicking the ‘Not in list’ button.

5. The pop-up will then ask you to enter the information of the other contact person. Make sure you enter the name, email and company name in this panel. Click ‘OK’. The new contact person will
then receive an email with a link to set a password.

6. You will now need to complete the form.

Section 1.1-1.5 ask you for the name of the project, a short description of the project, the work environment and your expectations.

Section 1.8 is a new section. Here we are asking you to select AI tags that correspond to the topic(s)/research area of the project. Please choose a maximum of 3 tags.

7. Once you have completed the form, click the ‘Submit form’ button at the bottom of the page.

8. You can repeat this process until you have added all your project proposals.

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